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KIT is a digital marketing agency focused on Paid Search and Social Media Advertising. We use Psychology, Technology and Design to create a lead generating machine.

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Secret Sauce

What makes an ad campaign on Google Ads, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram successful? We believe the magic happens when the right audience has the best user experience (UX) on your landing page. UX is often reserved for software products, but at KIT, we make it the foundation of your marketing campaigns.

What is UX?

Paid Search Specialist

Paid Traffic

PPC Campaign Management

Nothing is faster at driving traffic to your site than a pay–per–click campaign. We run highly targeted ppc campaigns to minimize ad spend and increase conversions.

We send the traffic to a lead generating landing page and leverage psychology and UX to optimize results.

UX is often misunderstood in marketing since UX teams are often created for digital products. We are a rare breed that properly implements UX in marketing. We are also, Certified Growth Driven Design experts and will make your marketing website a lead generating machine as well.

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Landing Page Design

Landing Pages

UX Driven

We believe UX is not only for products, and that is why we have dedicated User Experience designers and researches on each campaign.

Web Design

Web Design

Growth Driven Design Certified

We treat your marketing website like a product, with frequent conversion rate optimizations and a live UX feedback loop, your site is constantly updating. No need for redesigns every 2-3 years.

Conversion Rate Optimization


Conversion Rate Optimization

We are data scientists and love to test and experiment and test again. We increase your ROI by squeezing every conversion opportunity.

Video Production


Boost your Paid Search

We have seen amazing return on investment when video is used for paid search campaigns. We specialize in telling compelling stories. Contact us to watch our latest work.

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